Am I Really Ready to Blog Again?

Oct 03 2019

It’s been such a long time. The posts previous to this one are from 2012! So very much has happened since then. Everything has changed. I fled a controlling church. Thank God I made it out; later, they killed a kid. My kids grew up and left home. I got a job. Sold the house. Left the husband. Left the state and moved to the other side of the continent.

I’ve seen more tragedy and loss the past four years than ever before.

I’ve been so heartbroken that I haven’t sung a song in a few years. Still, the desire to write flickers in my soul. I feel empty and lifeless, though, as if I’m trying to pour liquid out of a vessel but it’s bone dry. I hope this is all just part of the grieving process, and I get better. Not too sure. I don’t see the end of the tunnel right now. All I can do is ride the massive waves of melancholia and wait it out.

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