Production(2) – 24:00/day = Muse/2

Oct 03 2019

How ironic. As soon as I sit down to pen my thoughts, the washing machine just ended its cycle and is beckoning me to transfer the loads… 

Excessive industry seems, in my opinion, to squelch deep thought. I’ve often pondered this topic before. Stay-at-home mothers, for example, are usually typecast as addle-brained floozies incapable of linear thought. This isn’t necessarily because mothers are lacking something. On the contrary, it’s because mothers are overflowing with something: work. 

Excessive work leaves little time for thinking. The wealthy have much more idle time and therefore more opportunity to ponder and muse. 

I am not trying to provoke a class warfare here. It’s an observation. 

And this is the long way of explaining my absence. I do think about this blog, wondering and plotting my next post. But an onslaught of industry has prevented me from doing anything. From thinking. I am, after all, a stay-at-home mother.

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